Top Free Courses in Lockdown – Learn During Lockdown

Hello Reader, I hope you guys are fit and fine. As we all know the circumstances in the world because of coronavirus. We can’t go out, we can’t go on a job, colleges, school, party, or Learning centers also. But wait! wait! wait! Can’t we learn during this quarantine period? Maybe you think you need to pay the amount for the courses. Yes, usually there are charges for online courses or we need to buy it from Udemy or other sources. But as our, all the countries are having lockdown and we don’t know the exact last date. There are so many companies in the world who are offering free courses on their website. In the normal time, they charge a high amount for these courses but now it’s free. Everyone wants to learn more so that he or she can improve their skills and knowledge.

I really believe this is the best time because most of the time we are free at our home or we can arrange a basic 2 or 4 hour’s easy. So don’t you think its the best time for you to learn?

Why companies offer free courses?

Everyone is at home right now except some people who are doing their jobs just to complete our daily basic need things like banks, hospital staff (doctor, nurses) watchmen, police, food deliveries, rashan stores, etc. I really want to thank those peoples and appreciate their hard work in this critical crisis. Only because of these peoples we are safe at our home. So, like these peoples, only some companies give their part of support also. So that we learn and improve and stay at our homes only. I believe its a great support because it can help you to make yourself more skilled.

I know you all have a question why? Why? Why? Free! Why companies are ready to take the loss and provide these services free of cost? See companies are not in loss with this also… How? Because they will get high traffic on their websites. Still, they are getting a nice profit with this.

List of websites offering free courses

1. Harvard University

Free Online Courses | Harvard University

As we all know, Harvard University is one of the most famous universities in the world and most expensive also. But in this major crisis, this university also gives a big part with these free courses.

List of courses offered by Harvard’s University

  1. CS50’s Introduction to Game Development
  2. Web Programming with Python and JavaScript(CS50’s)
  3. Mobile App Development with React Native CS50’s
  4. CS50: Introduction to Computer Science
  5. Hinduism Through Its Scriptures

There are many more courses available on their portal. You must check all of them and take the admission free of cost.

2. Learn with Digital Unlocked

If you are a blogger or planning to start a website or looking for a job in digital marketing and want to learn absolutely free of cost that is also with Google, which is the hub or you can say king of digital marketing. Here we are with a free digital marketing course. As I have done the same course so, if you study 1-2 hours in a day with this portal, 1 month is enough for a great knowledge. And you have to apply it on with a blog or website. Because learning is not enough if you will keep practising this, no one will able to beat you in Digital marketing.

3. TCS iON

TCS iON is the most famous digital learning platform in India. Which offers various paid courses with certifications. They have their expert teachers for any help, you just contact 24×7 customer support.

In the course of 2 weeks, you will be able to enhance communication, presentation, and behavioral skills. Learn Effective resumes writing and group discussions training. The best feature of this course is they will also help you with your common business etiquette, both verbal and non-verbal.

4. Coursera

As we all know Coursera is the one the best online portal for the courses. They offer the best job-relevant courses to everyone with certification. Which are offered by worlds top professional instructors. It will help you to upgrade your resume/ CV. Their module will give you the ability to study online and earn credit amount.

List of courses offered by COURSERA

  1. English for Career Development
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Financial Markets
  4. Computer Science: Programming
  5. Build Android App (Project-Centered Course)
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Python for EVERYONE

5. AICTE ELIS ( All India Council for Technical Educations)

According to the All India Council for Technical Education, free courses are very helpful. They have also shared their partner’s free courses and links. But as per their written notice, they are not responsible for any kind of content or copyright issue. They are just giving you the link, now its 100% your call.

List of Courses offered by All India council for technical education

  1. Diploma in Machine learning
  2. Machine learning with python
  3. Data Analytics using R
  4. Big Data 101°
  5. R Programming
  6. JAVA Programming
  7. Data Science – Python
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Financial Management
  10. Programming Work Bench

All of these above courses are totally free now. Everybody in the world needs to be safe and protect their families. Why don’t you stay at home and learn something and take advantage of this time to improve your skills. It must be helpful for everyone.

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